My background in Python is from taking all the required courses and completing all 12 projects leading up to a final, proctored exam for a Python Web Developer tech degree with Team Treehouse, as well as courses with Coursera.org. Building web applications using Django, which is a Python based web framework. Also reinforcing my knowledge Python.

Skills Learned

Learning everything I need to know to build a strong technical foundation, including Python, Development Tools such as Git and Linux, HTML and more.

  • HTTP(s)

  • Flask


  • Django templates, views, models, admin, forms and urls

  • Customizing Django admin

  • Django ORM

  • Deploying Django

  • Data structures (lists, tuples, dictionaries, etc.)

  • Comprehensions

  • Data and times

  • Creating classes; class inheritance

  • Regular expressions

  • Databases

  • Reading and writing to files (CSV, Excel and JSON)

  • HTML and CSS

The Curriculum

  • 227 Code Challenges

  • 180 Hours of Content

  • Expected Overall Time: 6 months

  • 12 Real World Projects

  • 22 Courses

  • 72 Quizzes


  • User Profile with Django (COMPLETE)

  • Filtering and Searching the Mineral Catalog (COMPLETE)

  • Improve a Django Project (COMPLETE)

  • Todo API with Flask (COMPLETE)

  • Pug or Ugh API (COMPLETE)

  • Social Team Builder (WORKING)

  • Build a Soccer League (COMPLETE)

  • Battleship (COMPLETE)

  • Work Log (COMPLETE)

  • Work Log with a Database (COMPLETE)

  • Build a Personal Learning Journal (COMPLETE)

  • Mineral Catalog (COMPLETE)

Live Projects

Need a software developer?

If you have an interesting project that you need help writing the front-end and back-end software for, please reach out to me. I would be more than happy to discuss how I would be able to help.